Card Breakdown – Disciple of Almdor

I apologize for the lack of content. I had a huge amount of writer’s block and also some real life stuff I wanted to get over with first.  Without further ado.

Disciple of Almdor
Shadow Ally – Almdor
Disciple of Aldmor has immunity to abilities activated with shadow energy.

Disciple of Almdor was the first ally released in the Almdor tribe, and was released back in Dark Prophecies. This bad girl sports a solid 6 health making her one of the more tougher allies to kill, with the additional of immunity to Shadow Energy based abilities. Her appearance in Sisyphos’s World Championship winning Deck List also brought her back to the spotlight.

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Common meta net-deck Serena

This deck has earned me high praise like “nice net-deck” and “looks more like just another player with a common meta deck”.  It also got me to a ranking of 324 in QM (though I’ve dropped a bit) and earned me the top place in both days of the  Europe/Africa Regional Championship (2014).  But in truth, it is a net-deck – well actually an adaptation of a deck that I already posted here (if others copy it, it becomes a net-deck, right?), which was loosely based off of watching BP Chamthabo play his excellent Serena deck (before he posted it). At this point it has morphed a few times, and while all the cards are commonly used Serena cards, I like to think that I’ve made it my own.  In my opinion, there’s no shame in copying, as long as you give credit where it’s due.  We don’t need to always reinvent the wheel. Sometimes we can just improve it or adapt it to fit ourselves and our situations.

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Bob Ross’s [SF] Victor Profile

Victor has always been a favorite hero of mine.  In Dark Prophecies and before he was often underrated.  Although he was capable of being strong in certain matchups, he used to have great difficulty with others, potentially having several decks and heroes that would be auto-losses. The problem with Victor was his draw.  He could recycle cards, which was pseudo-draw, but had few cards that offered any kind of good consistent draw.  On top of that, his strongest ally killing cards were Death Traps, which had the disadvantage of triggering Ill-Gotten Gains, making Rogues a near auto-loss matchup.  At the same time, his ability requires opposing allies in play, which made him very weak against solo decks (decks without allies) which used to be much more common.

Shattered Fates, and specifically Hunter’s Gambit and Deepwood Bobcat have greatly changed this.  Now Victor has few bad matchups and no auto-losses. Even when facing a solo deck and denied of their shadow energy abilities, most Victor decks can still present with decent draw and consistent threats. This is because solo decks gain advantage by completely nullifying opposing cards devoted to ally removal (making 1/3 of an opponent’s deck irrelevant); Victor doesn’t need a lot of cards devoted to ally removal and so solo decks only nullify a small number of his cards and his SE ability, still leaving him free to mount a strong offense. Victor is generally considered a tier 1 hero (if not, tier 1.5 or 2).

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Bob Ross’s [SF] Garth Profile

Garth Ravensoul is ‘King of the Board’.  I mean this both in terms of his strengths and his limitations.  His strength is that any ally or weapon on the board can easily be made a threat to opposing allies.  This translates to Garth being able to establish and keep board control relatively well throughout matches.  King of the Board is also a reference to the game, ‘King of the Hill’, in which one person tries to stay on top and shove everyone else down.  Indeed, this is the game that Garth plays.  He does it well, but he needs to win at this game to be effective.  Allowing the opponent to dominate the board for too long (and become ‘King of the Board’) is a sure way to lose as Garth.

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