Zhanna – Unaxio’s Blessing

This is a deck that I made at the very beginning of Lost Lands and have been playing off and on and tweaking as I go. Currently I’m rated 346 with it in quick match, so it’s certainly competitive – in the right meta. This deck has gotten me great compliments like “lucky top-decker!” and “Tidal wave won that game, not you!” I like being the only one playing the deck, as it makes it less likely that people will know how to deal with it, or that the meta will adapt, but people have finally caught on and started copying me, so I figured I’d post it and let you all know how it works.

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Rethinking 4x in 40 – The Logic Behind Monster Decks.

10527868_427950174011831_4284442406351787822_nIn order to have a competitive deck – your deck needs to have the minimum number of cards possible and the maximum number of key cards. So, if you want to draw fireball consistently, you should have 4 copies of fireball in a 40 card deck. This is the prevailing wisdom in most trading card games and generally holds true for Shadow Era. But it’s not always true, and to understand those exceptions (like 80 card Garth decks) you need to first understand the rule.

Probability of drawing a single card

The math behind figuring out the probability of drawing a single card in a deck is complex (you can read about it here). The most important thing to know about it is that it is tied to deck size, number of matching cards within the deck, and number of cards drawn.

Smaller Deck = better chance of getting target card

If I have 1 Jack of Spades shuffled in a deck of 4 cards, and I draw one, then I’ll have a probability of 1/4 to draw that Jack of Spades. If I increase the deck size to 10, my probability will drop to 1/10. For this reason, if drawing a Jack of Spades will make me win, I want to minimize the size of my deck.

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Bob and Sam Trollin it Up! Episode 8 – Fat Zhanna

In this episode we play my version of Fat Zhanna and everything goes exactly according to plan, and nothing goes wrong at all. Note although at this point this deck is mostly my own, it started as a deck list given to me by Kyltz, so thanks to him as well!

The music is original by me. I wrote the song a while ago and just recorded it on my iPad. It’s called “Post-Police State Love” https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2148975/post-police-state-love.m4a

Bob and Sam Trollin it Up! Episode 6 – The Newbisode!

This is a Newb friendly episode. Sam and I, along with our guest-host Alzorath decided to try the new Bloodfang class deck. We tried to go slow and explain stuff well for all you newbs out there. Enjoy!

Alzorath has his own youtube channel that you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Alzorath .
He does several gaming video casts including two Shadow Era ones that he updates each week…be sure to check them out!

Music is “Lost love letters” by Fog Lake, under a creative commons license: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Fog_Lake/Virgo_indigo/Fog_Lake_-_virgo_indigo_-_12_lost_love_letters