Buqs [3.120] Ter Adun “Break-dancing”

Ter Adun has been one of those heroes that has kind of taken a back seat to a lot of Heroes and is generally considered a Tier 5 Hero. This is due to his Hero ability being non-impactful as far as helping to reclaim a board, having many games or matchups where the ability is irrelevant and there are many other Item Destruction outlets of varying types available to all heroes. Shattered Fates and Lost Lands brought us some really cool tricks and toys for Ter Adun and I put them together in this build.


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[SF 2.920] Boris “Bring out your Dead” (Twilight)

So with the recent Shattered Fates update of 2.920, Twilight Ritualist had her ability changed.

Twilight Ritualist – Ability changed to “2: If you control another Twilight ally, target opposing ally, item or ability with cost 4 or less is exiled, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn. (from “2: Target enemy item or ability with cost 3 or less is destroyed, and Twilight Ritualist is killed at the end of your turn.).

I wanted to make sure to test this new change out a lot as well as do research for my Twilight Guide. I went straight for Boris as my hero I think because I planned on trying them all out, but once I started playing him I found it hard to even want to try anyone else. I have been playing the following deck on the QM ladder for the past 2 seasons and is probably my best Human QM deck I’ve created.

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[SF] Logan “Death Manipulator”

With a recent update to Shattered Fates Expansion of Shadow Era the Undead Armor Charred Cowl of the Damned was removed from the hunter class card pool and added to the Warrior Class Card pool. I decided to give this new pairing a try together and this is what I’ve come up with. Logan has always taken life away but now with his new Cowl he gives life to the Undead Alignment too.

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[SF – 2.92] Bloodfang Wulven Buddy System

I’ve been really busy working with the Players Focus Group (PFG) to balance the upcoming release of Lands Lost Expansion so please forgive me that it has been a while since my last deck post.

There was a recent update to Shattered Fates Expansion of Shadow Era in which Bloodpack Shaman received a rejig:

Bloodpack Shaman – Ability changed to “When Bloodpack Shaman is summoned, target Wulven ally in your graveyard except Bloodpack Shaman is returned to your hand.” (from “When Bloodpack Shaman is summoned while every ally in your graveyard is a Wulven ally, target Wulven ally in your graveyard with cost 3 or less is returned to your hand.”).

This particular change was interesting to me as I quite enjoy playing with Bloodfang but have really had zero success with the “OP Shaman Looping”. The Shaman rejig fits my playstyle quite a bit more so I decide testing was going to be quite enjoyable and it is.

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[SF] Lance “Swift Silent Strike of the Templar”

Recently I have been playing around with the recent change to Confluence of Fate. I always heard that Attachment Lance was a good deck and play style but it never really interested me before. As I was looking through the attachments I see that lots of the Rogue attachments are cheap they also provide a cantrip, and there is also the very inexpensive and aggressive Strength of Conviction which greatly benefits the Templars so I was now infinitely curious.

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Zhanna’s Blessings

Allow me to introduce you to my attachment Zhanna.
I have been trying to make a workable version for quite some time. Now that Confluence of Fate no longer has Sustain 1HP, I feel like I have found a deck.
This deck takes some time to learn, but can be very successful if played correctly.
My favorite thing about the deck is its power to draw.
Almost every turn I have a full hand and play 3-5 cards.
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SamuelJ’s Zaliscard


I would like to start by saying this is one of the best decks I have played. Zaladar has always been strong with his ability to do 3 damage to 2 targets. With the added synergy of discard, he has become an even bigger threat.

This deck is very versatile and does not have any truly bad match ups. The main strategy of this deck is in its discard synergy. There are several ways to handle any ally played by your opponent. If needed, you can also run solo to prevent an opponent from healing or drawing from killing your allies. Continue reading

[SF] Bloodfang “Wulven Necromancer” (Undead/Wulven Hybrid)

Shatter Fates expansion of Shadow Era has brought to us many new Heroes. In my continuing adventures to find unlikely pairings that actually work together I attempted to match Bloodfang with a non-Wulven alliance. Bloodfang’s ability forces him to play with Wulven allies to max the potential of his Shadow Energy ability creating a great challenge for me. I decide pairing him with Undead would be a good test since they are easily the most developed and synergistic tribes.

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WC 2014 Top 4 Interviews – A1 Sisyphos

How does it feel to finally get that boulder to stay on top of the hill?

😀 You have to imagine me happy ofc. But also quite ready for a little nap. My back hurts. I guess i could lean against that boulder over here.

When did you first start playing Shadow Era?

~3 and a half years ago.

How did you find the game?

I googled „bored“ and „browser game“. Was at work so it had to be a browser game.
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Starval’s [SF] Hero Profile: Zhanna 

Zhanna has been my favorite hero since I started playing in the early days of Call Of The Crystals (COTC). In Dark Prophecies (DP) and especially in COTC, Zhanna had no autoloss conditions using a standard deck – featuring The King’s Pride (TKP), Retreat, Healing Touch (HT), and Focused Prayer (FP) while mixing in Tainted Oracle (TO), Elizabeth Winterborn (EW), and Wizent’s Staff (WS) for draw. She had no consistent way of dealing high damage (like a Mage’s Fireball) or instant death (like a Rogue’s Assassinate) to an opposing ally but the constant knowledge of Tidal Wave kept opponents at bay. The opponent had two routes – play into Tidal Wave or play single allies that get bounced by a Retreat/Banish or get locked by Jasmine Rosecult. It was a golden age for Zhanna.

Shattered Fates (SF) introduced new heroes and new cards across the board for all classes. Already difficult matches for Zhanna became even more difficult. Discard Zaladar, Wulven Moonstalker, Serena, and Homunculus Aramia are all vastly difficult for a standard Zhanna deck to compete with. The slow and steady pace of the old style of Zhanna became no longer good enough.
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