Kaos Dark inspired me with his card breakdowns on Shriek of Vengeance and Yari Marksman so I thought I’d add one of my own.

Midnight Sentinel is one of my favorite human faction cards in Shattered Fates. Its utility is subtle, but the impact that it has on games is undeniable.  First thing of note is its cost. 3cc is the prime point for allies.  Most resource curves allow for the bulk of allies in the deck to be 3cc, however there is also a great deal of competition to fill those roles.  Among humans there are great cards like Aldon the Brave, Jasmine Rosecult, Fleet-Footed Messenger, Layarian Seductress, Twilight Ritualist and Priest of the Light to name a few.  On top of that, each class has a variety of excellent 3cc allies as well.  Why, when faced with all of those options would you choose Midnight Sentinel?  There are actually several reasons that I will go through in some detail, namely – survivability, ambush, utility at each stage of the game, exhausting opponent resources, damage prevention and combos.

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Card Breakdown: Yari Marksman

Yari Marksman
Warrior Ally
When Yari Marksman is summoned while an opposing player controls at least 3 allies, target ally controlled by that player is killed.

Yari Marksman is one of the newest additions to the Warrior class pool. It is part of the Yari Tribe, which was introduced with its original sole member, Yari Spearmen, back in Dark Prophecies. This ally has a very simple, but potentially devastating effect of instantly killing an opposing ally on Summon

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Card Breakdown: Shriek of Vengeance



Shriek of Vengeance
Shadow Ability
Target enemy item or support ability with a cost of 4 or less is destroyed, and one of your resources is removed from play.

Shriek of Vengeance is one of the game’s oldest  cards, and in my opinion,  one of the best. For a very small cost of 1 resource permanently, you can do away with any opposing cost 4 or lower item or support. Although this is card has generally fallen out of favor, but I feel that including this card again in a diverse Quick Match environment can be warranted.

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Advanced Strategies by soothslyr

As most of you know, I posted a thread and blog a while back detailing deck archetypes of TCG’s. It had detailed explanations of what each one was, and how they’re used. I got some very good feedback, but also a few comments about it being geared mostly towards players with little to no experience with card games. I took that to heart, and figured I’d post something for the intermediate to advanced players. New players are encouraged to read as well, and ask questions as you go. Continue reading