FF’s Building a Deck: Basics by FlyingFerrari

#1: Find the decks mission

What is my strategy and what is my goal to win with the deck (Board control? Damage? Particular finisher? etc.) and what archetype it is going to be (aggro, aggro-control, mid-range, control). Just looking at cards for board control, balancing with draw and allies isn’t just the answere of building a deck because without using the point I mentioned above, there is no point to continue. Continue reading

FF’s Archetypes by FlyingFerrari


I somehow got into a mood to write stuff when that’s usually what I hate to do. If only I got that mood when I’m on school, it would help me a bunch. Most of you have already past the school on the back-road and probably don’t want to hear me rant any cheesy teenage stories and jokes from me. Hehe… decks…

What got me in the head just now is that many players here reads the deck archetypes here differently but I’m not saying anyone is wrong. I will go down the lane of the different archetypes and make a short analyze of each of them of what I feel they are for me, most of my knowledge I will put here is drawn from MtG. Continue reading

Advanced Strategies by soothslyr

As most of you know, I posted a thread and blog a while back detailing deck archetypes of TCG’s. It had detailed explanations of what each one was, and how they’re used. I got some very good feedback, but also a few comments about it being geared mostly towards players with little to no experience with card games. I took that to heart, and figured I’d post something for the intermediate to advanced players. New players are encouraged to read as well, and ask questions as you go. Continue reading

Step-by-Step : Anatomy of a Standard Deck by Conquestadore



*Takes a seat*
Good day, sir Conquest here. I’m here to share with all my fellow sirs the anatomy and components of a standard SE deck. Now, what does it mean by standard? In this case, standard would be defined as used or accepted normally or on average. A brief overview would show us that a standard deck would be composed of various components available in Shadow Era: A Hero and its allies, abilities, weapons and armors. Aside from reviewing deck components, we will also take a look at the ratios of the components, assuming the build of a consistent 40-42 card deck. Continue reading

Brewing Time with Unicorn Johnny #1

Hi, there! I’m Unicorn Johnny, and I’m here to talk you through some deck brewing that I’ve been doing recently. I hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed putting it together. :)

Let’s get brewing!

Step One – Choosing a Root

As you might guess from the “Johnny” in my name, I get most of my TCG enjoyment from creative deck building.  I go out of my way to avoid using established decks and instead spend my time looking over all the overlooked cards in the game, seeking out potentially powerful cards that haven’t yet become known to the masses.

Anmor’s Exilir

Anmor’s Call

When I find one such card, it becomes the Root of my Brew. At this point, I will of course have no clue if I’ll be able to make a viable deck with it, but we can’t brew without a root, and brewing is the most fun part, so we take the risk and see where it leads!

Important Note: If the chosen card appears to rely heavily on one or more other cards, then those cards also become part of the Root.  Providing at least one card in the Root has not yet become established as viable in the meta, it qualifies for a Unicorn Johnny Brew!

This week, I’ve chosen to have Anmor’s Exilir and Anmor’s Call as my Root. Why? Because together they have the potential to give Hunters a huge amount of unilateral draw for practically zero cost once the latter is working its magic.  The challenge is in finding what cards to put in the rest of the deck and that’s where the brewing comes in!
Continue reading

buqs [SF] Gravebone “Hero Profile”



CotC Gravebone

Current Version: SHATTERED FATES


  • Gravebone – 4SE: Return any ally from your graveyard back into play.


Gravebone for the most part remains the same in Shattered Fates but he has a general increase in the speed of his game. He relies on his allies to control the board and win the game. Shatter Fates introduced many allies and tools to help Gravebone, however the new discard mechanic has been the largest factor in the growth of Gravebone, reducing his deck speed from slow to medium. Before SF, Gravebone had to wait until turn 6+ before he could effectively use his ability on a consistent level which made him extremely slow. He had to constantly minimize the amount of damage taken early so that he could transition into the mid-late game. With SF a plethora of discard options have become available which have help shaped the speed up and flexibility of his game. Now he can consistently use his ability by turn 4 (with SBO as early as turn 3). Continue reading