Card Breakdown: Yari Marksman

Yari Marksman
Warrior Ally
When Yari Marksman is summoned while an opposing player controls at least 3 allies, target ally controlled by that player is killed.

Yari Marksman is one of the newest additions to the Warrior class pool. It is part of the Yari Tribe, which was introduced with its original sole member, Yari Spearmen, back in Dark Prophecies. This ally has a very simple, but potentially devastating effect of instantly killing an opposing ally on Summon

Although Marksman does require a condition of your opponent having 3 or more allies, meeting the conditions can be quite easy for any Warrior. With the help of cards like Crippling Blow and Enslave the Beast (Formerly known as Spiked Bolas Strike), you can easily force 3 or more allies on the opposing to sit on their board at any time (Although the latter of the two is generally used in aiding to kill allies rather than just pseudo-disable them).

Now although this is a boost to all Warriors in general, in my opinion, I see Boris having the most synergy to use this with. Having the option to kill 2 allies going second at T4 is not to be sneezed at. Not to mention aside his Shadow Ability, he also has access to Dragon’s Tooth and the Bigger They Are for more ally removal. With this many ally removal options at his arsenal, almost no ally feels 100% safe to play against Boris.

However, this is not to say that the other Warriors cannot bring this insecurity either. The mere existence of this card adds that extra layer of paranoia to the opponent as they know Summoning that fatty while they have 2 or more other allies on the board may be instantly killed afterwards by this. This card can force your opponent into wasting turns trying to bait this out. Much like how one may try to bait out a Mind Control when playing vs an Elemental before they try to Summon that big fatty.  This in result can give you an opportunity to capitalize and establish dominance even more. However, that type of play might fall right into your opponent’s hands so be wary when doing so. Adversely, you can use the realization of that the ally is bait to your own advantage as you can anticipate a possibly bigger threat is coming in its place, so you can make appropriate preparations around it.

In comparison to the other single ally killing cards like Assassination or Mind Control, this card also provides you with a 4/2 body. This allows you to both simultaneously control the opposing board presence while keeping your own. Although always keep its fragile nature in mind. If it dies next turn having served its purpose, losing it would may or may not be as big a deal. If you are struggling to keep your pressure up, then although you may kill a threat this with, your opponent can easily take it out next turn and bring out more threats. This is when you do not have ample pressure to divert the attention away, a Protector, other allies ready to back it up and avenge it, or some type of additional control ability ready. On the other hand, if you have a solid board, with a fair amount of pressure to avenge its death, then this card is golden as the opponent’s advantage is getting eaten away, while your own is building up. So always think it through before expending 4cc on using this card as there may be a better play, compared to this tempting one to kill an opposing ally.

Some final notes on this card. Now given its somewhat conditional nature, even though it is so easy to accomplish, I would not run 4 copies on this. I say 2 is a fair number, while 3 would be if you want to be able to draw this sooner. As I mentioned, I feel this card works much better when you are ahead or on par with the opponent, rather than behind. So having too many copies may hurt more than help.

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  1. This is great, Kaos. Keep it up!

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