Card Breakdown – Disciple of Almdor

I apologize for the lack of content. I had a huge amount of writer’s block and also some real life stuff I wanted to get over with first.  Without further ado.

Disciple of Almdor
Shadow Ally – Almdor
Disciple of Aldmor has immunity to abilities activated with shadow energy.

Disciple of Almdor was the first ally released in the Almdor tribe, and was released back in Dark Prophecies. This bad girl sports a solid 6 health making her one of the more tougher allies to kill, with the additional of immunity to Shadow Energy based abilities. Her appearance in Sisyphos’s World Championship winning Deck List also brought her back to the spotlight.

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Card Breakdown: Hunter’s Gambit

Sorry for the lack of new content lately. Haven’t had many ideas on what to write about and was also distracted with real life matters too. Without further ado:

Hunter’s Gambit
Hunter Ability – Attachment
Attach to target opposing ally. That ally has -1 health. When Hunter’s Gambit is destroyed, draw 2 cards.

Hunter’s Gambit was (And possibly still is) one of the most debated cards, and in my opinion, game changing from the Shattered Fates expansion. This card provides the Hunter class with something they did not have back in Call of the Crystals and Dark Prophecies, a solid draw card.

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Card Breakdown: Yari Marksman

Yari Marksman
Warrior Ally
When Yari Marksman is summoned while an opposing player controls at least 3 allies, target ally controlled by that player is killed.

Yari Marksman is one of the newest additions to the Warrior class pool. It is part of the Yari Tribe, which was introduced with its original sole member, Yari Spearmen, back in Dark Prophecies. This ally has a very simple, but potentially devastating effect of instantly killing an opposing ally on Summon

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Card Breakdown: Shriek of Vengeance



Shriek of Vengeance
Shadow Ability
Target enemy item or support ability with a cost of 4 or less is destroyed, and one of your resources is removed from play.

Shriek of Vengeance is one of the game’s oldest  cards, and in my opinion,  one of the best. For a very small cost of 1 resource permanently, you can do away with any opposing cost 4 or lower item or support. Although this is card has generally fallen out of favor, but I feel that including this card again in a diverse Quick Match environment can be warranted.

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