[SF] Elementalis: Trim the Fat (Resource Control)

Inspired from FDL’s “Here be Elementalis” created during Call of the Crystal 1st expansion of Shadow Era. I decided to give it a little twist and blend it with the new Shatter Fates Expansion game mechanic, discard.

This particular deck seeks to use an approach of taking the board early and buffing your allies with Elementalis’s spamable ability, turning your cheap guys into the “fatties”, against their non-buffed allies. Mid-game we look to lock the resource with strings of Here Be Monsters and using Mimic as additional copies. I want to supplement the early game and board lock with discard options, Harbinger of the Lost (cheap random discard) and Falseblood Cultist (more expensive, specific discard + draw 2). This can help flood board with Reactorary, deal indirect damage with Brimstone Devourer, and/or buff Dagger of Fate for maximal damage potential (3 damage).

Ironhide Karash, Grimghast and Rampant Krygon are great 2-4 plays.

IK is durable, hard to kill great go to ally for early board. Require 3+ combat damage to kill. Grimhast reduces opponents ally combat damage (negates Aldon the Brave) which increase Ironhides survivability. RK also can use his ability buff on IK as he’s really only vulnerable to ability damage.

Dagger of Fate is the replacement to Death Mage Thaddeus. Can still be the 1 ping but with the potential to be much more (9 damage over 3 turns). Combos very well with Harbinger for quick easy setup combo and can be used with Falseblood Cultist on later turns.

Reactory is heavy hitters like in the CotC version which used Belladona. When summoned from hand he has more favorable starting stats but when discarded he’s played for free so it’s a nice trade off.

I really am digging the ally selection (most are from SF). The defense is jacked up, plenty of discard and resource control options, and lots of flexibility to the game plan.

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