[SF] Skervox: Strategic Destruction (Ravager)

Prior to what I’ve previously thought Skervox may actually be a pretty good pairing with the ravagers. The below deck actually is a fairly good formula for potential success.

About half the deck are allies and the other half the deck can be used with the ravagers for support with the exception of The Perfect Shot. Skervox ability can allow set up during the early game with a go play on turn 2 being Bounty Hunter. Skervox ability allows for board stall which assist in regaining the board, and ravagers in general are good at regaining a lost board so they have a fairly natural way of helping each other out.

Vermin – Decent turn 2 ally but really he’s here for controlling opponents attachments and items. He should help with solo/semi-solo and general heavy item/attachment builds.

Spitfire Hound – Ability pairs with Skervox and Thriss Almanac pretty good.

Cleric of Asyn – Increased survivability with Skervox and with the combo options available to deck he’s got fairly good chances of growing.

Ravager Zealot – He’s a monster with Almanac in play dealing 5 damage. Coupled with Skervox ability he can deal potential 2 more dot which allows him to kill lots of things.  Since deck has lots of combo options he doesn’t have to trigger his summon effects off Almanac.

Murderous Hulk – Skervox ability helps him to stick when summoned. Once he sticks and you get Almanac on board he’s just ferocious.

Bounty Hunter – We already know this works with Skervox. The accelerated resource growth help by allowing you to limit the amount of sacks you will have to make. This is actually good because you need all the cards to maximize combo options. This also helps to accommodate the 1cc sustain cost of Thriss Almanac which can be tricky to play around. Extra copies can be used with Hound/Zealot.

Anmor’s Horn – Well, you’re gonna have a surplus of resources so now we can use them to assist with drawing. The fact that the draw is not using resources and the summon cost is low makes this a really good pairing option. Extra copies can be used with Hound/Zealot.

Hounter’s Gambit – The other draw. Can be set of early with hound/zealot. Want to save these if possible to pair with TPS for those hard to kill allies that will not be affected by Skervox ability (Armored Sandworm, Fortified Wisp, Dakrath, Infernal Gargoyle).

Spirit Shuriken – The other tool to help deal with those allies unaffected by hero ability (Armored Sandworm, Fortified Wisp, Dakrath, Infernal Gargoyle).

Thriss Almanac – Pairs great with Skervox ability (pseudo FT). Bounty hunter makes the sustain cost able to be played around much easier. Practice with this. You don’t want resources to get to high and out of control because it will make this harder to self destruct without hound/zealot.

Obelisk of Echoes – Should help against semi-solo build.

All in all I’m actually pretty happy to discover this is a solid pairing. Can’t wait for 2.86 update to be released to test his full potential.

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  1. Cool deck, I’d be interested to play against it! Just wanted to give you some feedback as a Serena player: Obelisk of Echoes was scary for me, but I actually deal with it fairly well. I do the same thing I’d do with Skervox in general: hold back allies and use Black Garb. So I tend to pivot from hybrid-allies/weapons to full or semi-solo. I imagine it would be useful vs priest decks and generally taking out draw engines, but if you find it going unused, you may consider switching them out. Rapacious Vermin on the other hand is scary for me, and I imagine any solo deck, but of course wouldn’t help you as much vs a deck that uses 1-2 items as a draw engine. So just my two cents; vs a deck that is capable of playing full solo, and seems to be doing that vs you, you may just resource the obelisks. At least I’d keep the vermin over the obelisks in that sort of matchup.

  2. Thx good advice there buddy. This deck was made pre-Ravager buff release. I think I would currently -2 hounds +2 Demolitionist. This would give me another Item D option though I’d have to have him survive a turn in order to accomplish that. I’ve been experimenting with GB lately and found that stoneskin is extremely solid for helping with that 1 extra turn survival. Closest thing Hunter have is Decoy Trap which could prove to work and has same cost.

    • yeah those Demolitionists are super scary for me and I pull out all the stops to shut them down, and usually succeed -although if I don’t it’s usually game over. Decoy trap can be good. I’ve come to find some weird limitations for it too: vs Garth, his ability pings that 1 damage first – that sets off the decoy trap, and your ally dies to weapons / ally atatcks. Vs Black Garb + Weapon, they attack the ally, the decoy trap goes off, your ally still dies to Black Garb. Vs. Mind Control, if you’ve got a weapon, the decoy trap prevents damage from the counterattack and your ally still dies to Mind Control. So decoy trap can be useful, but it often goes to waste as well. Now those ravager allies have really high health, so I imagine those decoy traps would still come in very handy by forcing even more damage to be wasted on them depending on the matchup.

  3. I am running the deck with the -2 hounds and +2 Demolitionist and loving it. I have not really found a problem keeping demo on board so far. I try save skervox ability until I can cast demo so that leaves my opponent having to produce an answer for him. I will be honest the games I’ve played I really haven’t had to use him for my opponents stuff but for fun combos with cleric on board.

    Thanks for posting such a fun deck.

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